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Bupleurum falcatum (chai hu, 柴胡)

Angelica sinensis (dang gui, 当归)

Paeonia alba (bai shao, white peony, 白芍)

Atractylodes macrocephala(bai zhu, aractylodes, 白术)

Poria cocos (fu lin, hoelen, 茯苓)

Zingiber officinalis(sheng jiang, ginger, 生姜)

Glycyrrhiza uralensis(gan cao, licorice, 甘草)

Mentha haplocalycis(bo he, mint, 薄荷)


  • ·Smoothes the liver and regulates energy flow.
  • ·Nourishes Blood, strengthens the spleen, harmonises the liver

  and spleen.

  • ·Regulates the sexual hormones that influence the menstrual cycle.
  • ·Relieves depression and emotional stress.
  • ·Liver cleansing.


  • ·Stress, anxiety and depression.
  • ·Menstrual disorders, such as irregular menstruation, late

  period, premenstrual syndrome, breast tenderness or lumps

  (non cancerous), fibrocystic breast disease.

  • ·irritable bowel syndrome, chronic gastritis, peptic ulcers, chronic hepatitis,

  the early stage of liver cirrhosis.