In China, for thousands of years, traditional acupuncturists have successfully stimulated the body's meridians for restoring and maintaining good health.

MuZu acupuncturist, Ching Wang, is trained in both Western and Traditional Chinese Medicine. She holds a bachelors degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine after completing five years' full-time training. Since then she has accrued more than 30 years' clinical experience.

Ching Wang and her team at MuZu offer four new programmes combining acupuncture, acupressure, Traditional Chinese herbal medicine and massage treatments for:

  • Stress, Anxiety and Depression Treatments
  • Weight Loss Treatments
  • Natural Menopause Treatment
  • Low Energy and Fatigue Treatments
  • Aches and Chronic Pain Management
Stress, Anxiety and Depression Treatments
The symptoms of stress, anxiety and depression can be treated with a holistic approach to balance and improve your total well being.

Ching begins with a free consultation where you are encouraged to discuss your symptoms and any prior treatments you have undertaken.

Ching will then design an individualised weekly program for you which may include:

• Acupuncture,
• Acupressure,
• Massage and
• Chinese herbs.

The program will be adjusted in accordance with your progress including techniques that you can use at home.

Be reassured that Ching is confident that she can, with your commitment, restore your emotional balance and well being.
These programmes always begin with a FREE 20 minute consultation with Acupuncturist Ching Wang. This initial appointment gives clients a chance to meet with her and ask any questions they might have. Ching will then diagnose how many treatment courses the client will need and will tailor a programme to suit each client individually.

  • 90-mins per session, 6 sessions required
  • $99 per session
  • 20% discount on 6-sessions purchase
  • 15% discount on 3-sessions purchase
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